When it comes to letting your target audience know when and where they can find you, the first step will be to establish a Google My Business presence. This is what allows you to handle your Google search result presence for free. That’s to say, when potential customers search or select your business listing online, Google provides the space for general information about the provider.

Since Google is the means by which most people look for local listings, this is, in fact, the first impression most people will have of your business. Special attention should be paid to making sure the information posted on it remains accurate and up to date. But what exactly are you to include on a Google My Business Listing? Well, let’s go over that.

Google My Business Listing

General Service Information

First off, the basics. Business name, type, description, etc. Basically, you need to let people know exactly what it is that your business does and what it is that you offer. If you run a car shop then you should include the specific maintenance services you provide. If you own a restaurant, then the type of cuisine, atmosphere, and price range should be stated. In such cases, it is also good to provide the menu, for people will want to know what they can order when considering a new place. A vital part of any Google My Business listing will be detailed information about your offerings.

Location Details

Your business’s address will obviously need to be part of any listing, for people need a way to find you. It is also good if you can provide additional information regarding the parking options available, whether or not there is a drive-through window, and, when relevant, the dine-in options available (table service, quick service, bar seating, etc). A key piece of information will obviously be the location’s operating hours. That is vital, because customers need to know whether or not you’ll actually be serving them when they show up. The idea is to make the overall experience as convenient as possible in order to not just earn customers’ attention, but also to ensure a satisfying experience.

Informative Pictures

Lastly, do not forget to include pictures. These make all the difference when people look for a service provider. By providing an insight into the physical space, pictures lend legitimacy to the place. These are your chance to show off the venue, the offerings, and even the staff in order to properly showcase your business. Pictures give off the impression that the business in question isn’t hiding anything and that they are instead open and welcoming to new clients.

Manage My Business Listings in One Place

Google My Business is only one of the many options for local business listings available online. While keeping track of them and making sure they are all kept up to date and standard might seem overwhelming at first, Citations Manager is here to provide the proper tools to handle this task. With us, you can conveniently manage all of your local listings from one base without going through the hassle of overseeing each one of them independently. Updating your information and reviewing your traffic data has never been easier!