Gone are the days of the yellow pages. Local listings now reside online, where they are readily available to those looking for various different offerings. The way we perceive and discover new services and products is by ways of online search engines and social media platforms. Whether it is because a friend checked in at their favorite coffee shop or you were browsing local restaurants on Yelp, you are most definitely acquainted with the way we now perceive the market. And if you do so, your target audience does too. There are a few key local business listings you need to be aware of when it comes to managing your online presence.

Google Local Listing

When looking up a business online, you will find that, more often than not, a fact sheet of sorts will pop up to the right of the screen. This will show their name, address, business hours, and a few of their offerings. This service is called Google My Business, which allows you to handle your Google presence for free. Since Google is the means by which most people look for local listings, this is, in fact, the first impression most people will have of your business. Special attention should, therefore, be paid to this feature, making sure the information posted on it remains accurate and up to date. It’s not hard, but it does require time and care put into it.

Local Business Listings

Yelp Listing

For over a decade, Yelp has been a driving force behind couples’ dinner choices and late night food searches. It is the ultimate directory, not just for food venues, but for service providers in general. Its crowd-sourced database offers all the information people would want to keep in mind when looking for anything, from a local mechanic to an ideal date spot, to subsequently make an informed decision. So given how often the website is a deciding factor on where people spend their money, a Yelp listing is a necessity when it comes to managing your business’s marketing needs. Having a Yelp listing is 100% free, and you can easily claim your business on the site and begin to properly maintain it.

Facebook Business Locations

Facebook has evolved beyond a mere social networking platform into one of the most vital marketing tools of the digital world. If you use it semi-regularly, you have probably found it to be a very good source of knowledge about your community and its offerings. This is because most of your friends on it probably live in the same city as you do. Therefore, the places they visit and subsequently interact with on the site will eventually pop up on your feed. The success of this presence depends more than anything on whether or not you yourself are contributing to the social media presence of your business.

Manage All Your Local Business Listings With One Tool

If you want a convenient way to maintain all of your local business listings up to date and readily available to your target audience, then Citations Manager is the one for you. We allow you to integrate all of your local listings into one simple tool, which helps you establish a reliable network for your future customers to easily be cast into.