Social media is a never ending landscape of marketing possibilities. So many people continuously interact in social media platform, making it an ideal place for companies looking to expand upon their reach and gain a bigger following. However, due to the medium still being in its relative infancy, the rules of social media marketing are still fairly blurred, which allows for a variety of mishaps and losses stemming from less than optimal management. 

Huge companies, from The Gap to Kenneth Cole, have suffered because of poor social media marketing choices made. That’s not to mention the users themselves. After all, they can share any information they want, and that content can go viral anytime. The lawlessness of the space can be quite intimidating to handle, and it might even turn you away from the idea of establishing a social media presence. However, Citations Manager has the solution for you. Using the right tools to handle social media reputation management can be a huge relief when it comes to ensuring consistent and thorough attention being paid to it.

Social Media Reputation Management

What Social Media Reputation Entails

As the name indicates, social media reputation consists of the image of your business held by the general public, specifically among social media users. Given the nature of social media platforms, content can easily and unexpectedly go viral, regardless of its veracity or legitimacy. That’s not to mention how easy it is to make mistakes on the medium. Poorly drafted tweets and misguided publicity campaigns can quickly create an uproar that doesn’t usually go away that easily. In 2012, for example, Gap sent out a tweet during Hurricane Sandy encouraging people to stay home and promoting their free shipping option. This, for obvious reasons, was considered insensitive by the general public, and it led to extensive social media backlash. Companies have to be careful with the content they share and post on social media channels.

Social Media Reputation Management entails the use of different online tools available to ensure your business’s good public standing on the online landscape. This can range from promptly responding to consumers’ questions and complaints on different channels to revising all of the content that will be released to the public via these platforms. While this might seem intimidating and overly complicated due to the many aspects to tend to at the same time, there are means available to properly handle these matters. Special software has been developed to take care of every social media platform from one digital base.

Citations Manager Social Media Reputation Management Tools

If what you need is to integrate all of your social media profiles in one convenient venue, while also properly managing your online reputation, Citations Manager has the right tools for you. We can help you properly administer your online presence and social media reputation, aiding you in establishing an efficient and effective digital marketing base. Protecting your public image and providing accurate information about your business will be key in discovering a loyal audience, and Citations Manager can set you on the right path for such a journey.